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They say "Life is Beautiful"… but how often do we exclaim "What a Beautiful death!!!!"

On 29th September 1995 when his coffin was brought to his hometown everyone in the suburb of Mumbai, Vile Parle must have hummed a song "वोह नौजवान जा रहा है आज कितनी शान से..."

Captain Vinayak’s apparent exit awakened many minds of our country.

After 1971 we Indians were of the opinion that the borders of our peace loving country are relatively peaceful, although Kashmir and Punjab had on-going problems. But people of our country witnessed the 'Paradise Burning' in the coffin of Captain Vinayak Gore.

He left this world for the security of his beloved motherland while accomplishing his mission "Operation Rakshak".

The fire of patriotism ignited by Captain Vinayak was blown up in all the directions by the sacrifices of heroes of Kargil. Glamorous city of Mumbai which was left by the youths like Captain Vinayak Gore for their ethics had become the battlefield on 26/11.

My childhood and college life was enriched by ethics of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose & Captain Vinayak Gore. But what was my contribution to the nation especially after having these role models? What did these brave men sacrifice their lives for? Is it for people like me? If yes, then why are we so special? Is it because we work for multinationals and earn some money for our nation? Or is it because we pay heavy taxes for our country?

What makes us so special that people around us show the courage to join the armed forces to die for us? When I met their families I felt that their parents are just like our parents. Their houses are just like our sweet homes. Each of one had their study room, study table everything which we received in our childhood from our parents. Their mothers just like ours were worried when they did not return home on time from schools or colleges. Also their fathers dreamt of their bright future like ours. Still, they are not among us. This makes me mum.

We strive hard for the bright future of our kids, for their happiness but we struggle to teach and instill in them basic core principles and ethics. They are not aware of martyrs like Captain Vikram Batra or Captain Manoj Pandey but they have the names of the cricketers or film stars on the tip of their tongue.

We work too hard in our offices to achieve our milestones and to meet the deadlines. We forget to eat, forget to sleep and neglect our family life but once the job is done, we enjoy sound sleep which is like a reward for the 8 hours of hard work that we put in. But, what about these great heroes of our country? They also do their jobs of protecting our sovereign nation but how are many of them rewarded??? With Death!!!!. They do everything to get back our land but after finishing their jobs they sleep forever!!!!!

I always keep asking myself one question "Will these great souls of our nation get buried in our memories or be reduced to something that we reminisce while watching war movies or on national holidays?" It becomes our utmost responsibility to introduce these heroes of our nation to the generations to come. These great souls should be worshipped by the generations to get inspired and to serve the nation. We can definitely do this to remember those young heroes who chose themselves to be a part of history at such a young age.

This website is a tribute to Captain Vinayak Gore. I salute his heroics.