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Mother's Mission

"Promise me that you will never cry. You are a captain's mother and you should never cry."


stepping out
She kept the promise given to her loving son.

She stepped out of her house to extend her son’s mission to make awareness of nation’s security by encouraging the youths to join army.

She transformed her grief into the strength to awaken the society to realize its duties and responsibilities towards the nation.

She has visited 100s of schools to encourage students to join the defense services.

Recently she published "वारस होऊ अभिमन्युचे", a book in Marathi, which covers the story of martyrs from all the ranks of the army who laid down their lives while fighting for our mother land in recent years.

Following from her initiative, Vile Parle celebrates 10th May as "शहीद दिन" to remember our martyrs.

She has written the script for a radio program which introduces the martyrs, bestowed with the "परम वीर चक्र" to the audience.

Her plan is to write a book on the stories of war.

Watch Video of Mrs. Gore receiving the Hirkani Award here.

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